Volunteers Make it All Happen

    From packet pick-up and registration to course marshals and meal service, there are SO many ways you can help.  Sure… when you volunteer, you can look forward to that warm & fuzzy feeling that comes by sharing so much aloha, but there’s WAY more to it than that.  There’s no experience necessary but space is limited, so please let us know you’re available right away!

    Volunteer at Ku’ikahi (3/18/23)

    You Give / We Give… Everyone Wins!

    Athletes Earn Free Entries

    Races are expensive (and addictive), but we’ve got your six!  Athletes who volunteer at just one event earn credits enough to race a future 5K completely FREE.  Volunteer twice to earn a 10K, or 3 times for a FREE Half Marathon.  (Yup, you read that correctly… athletes make the very best volunteers and we like to show our appreciation.)  Credits never expire so your balance builds until you’re ready to use them, (what a great way to stay involved while you nurse an injury, huh), and credits can be gifted to ohana, other members of your run club or whoever you like.

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    Groups Earn Donations

    Calling all charities, clubs, sports programs & schools with a fundraising goal… even personal groups for a wedding or ohana efforts towards a vacation!  No need to be an official nonprofit, and no car washes, baking or sales of any kind… just a guaranteed funds for whatever your cause may be.  Groups of 10 or fewer earn $25 per person, 11-20 receive $30 per person, and when we have 21 or more, we can offer $35 per person, but group space is limited, so don’t wait!

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    Students Earn Class Credits

    Earn those community service credits or beef up those college applications in the most fun way possible.  Your efforts will not only be appreciated by hundreds of athletes, but also by the benefitting charity… always an official 501(c)(3), and we’re happy to complete whatever form you may need as proof of your awseomeness.

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    Charities Need Your Support

    We know money can get tight, and in those times our local charities suffer too.  Volunteers who sign up online can turn their time into cash by choosing to have $25 added to the funds we send the benefitting charity… always an official 501(c)(3) organization!

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    Where You Can Help

    Nursing an injury?  Not a runner?  No experience?  No idea how things might look behind the scenes of a major event?  No worries… you can still help!  We’ve got spots for the high-energy and the more subdued… the introvert and the extrovert, the detail oriented and the super social, just take a peek at the position descriptions below and let us know where you think you might shine brightest when you sign up.

     Packet Pick-UpChecking in athletes who’ve registered online and gathering the appropriate SWAG.  Being detail oriented is super helpful, and because you will often be the first face-to-face impression of Aloha Racing, being cheerful and welcoming is a must.  You’ll spend some time standing, sitting and moving around a bit, but nothing too strenuous.
     RegistrationSimilar to packet pick-up but you’ll be helping folks who decide to register in person.  A bit more detail here with payments & such, but more sitting too… a great spot for someone nursing an injury.
     Gear CheckMostly on your feet but super simple… just attaching tags with bib numbers to items or bags left in our care, then organization and of course, security.  Best for those who aren’t easily distracted, as we like to keep a close eye on this stuff.
     Course AidServing beverages and/or energy supplements as athletes pass by… very busy at times, then not so much as the pack thins out.  Time will be split both sitting and standing, plus some bending to pick up items that didn’t quite make the trash cans.  Great for either the cheerleader at heart or those who are a little more reserved, and TONS of ‘thank you’s’ from the athletes.
     Course MarshalTypically just pointing folks in the right direction or tracking bib numbers as they pass key points on course.  Usually a solo role that can be high energy if you are a motivator or a little more subdued… either way, you make a huge difference for the athletes.
     Traffic ControlSome confidence is definitely beneficial here.  HPD will be handling any crossing of open roads, but side roads need a responsible eye too.  (Must be at least 18 to fill this position.)
     Finish AidOn your feet the entire time handing out beverages, towels and finisher medals, but the most fun and SO motivating as everyone completes their goal.
     Meal ServiceJust cutting fruit, pouring milk & serving burritos, on your feet pretty much the whole time.  This is probably our most social spot… everyone’s finished so the pressure is off, and because this is usually one of the last interactions before everyone heads home, positive and appreciative attitudes are critical.

    Volunteer at Ku’ikahi (3/18/23)

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