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    Endless Challenge

    Running is all about the challenge, right?  The challenge to get or stay healthy, to tackle that stress, or maybe drop a few pounds… the challenge to keep moving or find your limits, to just cross the finish line or simply enjoy some ‘me’ time.  The problem can be motivation.  When that alarm goes off before dawn, or when you just don’t feel like it, Aloha Racing hopes to help get you out the door with this unique individual challenge.  Welcome to the challenge that doesn’t end… yes, it goes on and on, my friend.  (Ha!  Sorry for the earworm.)  By featuring identical courses at different times of year, there’s no time for slacking.  Just race the same distance at back to back sister events- beat your most recent time and you win!
    Akahai 5K
    Finish Time 33:00
    Laule’a 5K
    Finish Time 32:00
    You win!
    Akahai 5K
    Finish Time 32:30
    You didn’t win but you had a blast!
    Laule’a 5K
    Finish Time 32:15
    You win again!

    Certificates of Achievement will be emailed after each event to mark your success and display proudly with that finisher medal.


    Ku’ikahi and Ikaika are sister events too,
    along with Ho’omau and Makoa beginning in 2024!



    Coming Soon!

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