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    About Us

    Aloha Racing is more than an event company… it’s the culmination of a passion for endurance sports, a calling to event production, a desire to give back and a life-long love for the Islands.  Like most of you, we have bills to pay but after many years of punching a clock for ‘the man’, we realized that enjoying what we do and working to make a difference are far more important that climbing some imaginary ladder.  Then, after 10+ years of directing events on the mainland and after a battle against cancer hit home, it became painfully obvious that life is short and where we serve is important too.  (Take a peek at the photo of our course manager… see that little up-tick on his right that makes his smile a bit crooked?  That was actually tongue cancer that would be diagnosed just days after he finished the Val Nolasco 10K right here on island in 2019.)

    With exceptional events being the method, the mission goes quite a bit deeper.  While Aloha Racing is committed to supporting each and every individual who joins us (fast or not so much, veteran or brand spankin’ new), as well as the efforts of local charities who give their all to make a difference in our community (unless someone donates their trust fund or something, we match your donations dollar for dollar), we also choose to honor and celebrate the spirit of Aloha… one we believe could benefit the world in ways too numerous to mention if it were to spread far and wide.

    If you think about it, endurance sports are actually a great reflection of Aloha principles.  Watch almost any interview of a runner and you will hear them say there’s just something about the sport they can’t quite put their finger on… much like the reaction of most first-time visitors to the Islands.  The vast majority of endurance athletes show kindness to one another (Akahai); they support each other in unity and peace (Ku’ikahi); they are persistent in their efforts and never give up (Ho’omau); they are happy to add their fellow athletes to their circle of friends (Laule’a); they show mental, moral and physical strength (Ikaika), and have the courage to continue, even in the face of adversity (Makoa)…  all the same attitudes necessary to stand firm in the Aloha spirit during these times when it can be so very challenging.

    For those who live and breathe both Aloha and endurance sports, and to those who are just beginning to feel these things deep in their soul… e komo mai, we look forward to being a part of your life changing journey.

    Meet Your Event Staff

    D Wiedeman- Event Director, Founder & CEO
    As a part of the endurance community since 2007, formerly RRCA and USAT Certified Race Director, D Wiedeman has produced everything from 5K’s, 10K’s, half & full marathons to duathlons and triathlons; simultaneously in many cases. By directing Best of the US national qualifiers, USAT championships, and events supporting over 450 charities nationwide, D has developed a passion for the encouragement of each athlete, from first to last, and has found that choosing to have a ‘failure is not an option’ attitude is the best recipe for success.
    Doug Wiedeman- Course Manager
    Doug has been enjoying that ‘certain something’ about running that’s tough to explain since his early 20s, then in 2010 discovered that being on the production side of things was equally as rewarding.  “Sure, it’s amazing to see the grace & power of the athletes leading the pack… that’ll never get old, but to know I might be making some small difference for athletes of all abilities is what really blows me away.”  
    Assistant Event DirectorVolunteer CoordinatorRegistration Coordinator
    Course CoordinatorFinish Line CoordinatorMeal Coordinator

    On a Personal Note

    If we ever find ourselves chatting over a mai tai or something I’ll be happy to tell you the story, but for now… trust me when I say that Aloha Racing is a total God thing. Whether it’s for a reason, a season or a lifetime, I don’t know… I just know that the blessings we’ve seen have been obvious, abundant, and are the only reason we are able to serve so many athletes. We LOVE what we do, and we hope YOU love what we do, so first and foremost, our humble thanks goes out to our amazing Lord and Savior. To God alone be the glory!

    Second, to a man who probably doesn’t even know the impact he had on my life, Jerry Mack. About 30 years ago, Jerry taught me that although it might be easier to ask someone else for the answer to a problem, it’s much more satisfying to work hard and figure it out. You made me a problem solver Jerry, and gave me the ability to do this event thing I love so much.

    Third, to the man who taught me everything I know about producing quality endurance events, Brogg Sterrett. 2010 without your encouragement, guidance & support = nervous breakdown. You continue to amaze me with your energy and your event genius each time I have the opportunity to work with you. Word, brotha!

    To my amazing husband, Doug Wiedeman, to my parents, Don & Barb Mikesell, (RIP, Dad… I’ll do my best to make you proud!), and to my dear friends who dropped everything to help get us started back in Colorado, Kathy Kluthe, Travis Kluthe, Dan Croke & Megan Henning… you guys mean more to me than I can put into words. Without each and every one of you, Aloha Racing simply would not be a reality.

    Mission Statement

    By creating organized, worry-free race environments, athletes of all abilities are able to enjoy the camaraderie unique to endurance sports, encouraged to challenge their limits, and motivated to be extraordinary.  By presenting these events with Aloha, we inspire all who join us to spread kindness, warmth, compassion and respect wherever they go.

    Core Values

    • Integrity: First and foremost, in all situations, period.
    • Commitment: Excellence as a minimum standard.
    • Service: In humility, with respect and support for the ambitions of all.
    • Stewardship: Considering our responsibility to protect and care for these values an honorable one.


    USA Track & Field is the National Governing Body for long-distance running in the United States.  Although we don’t sanction our events due to newly imposed regulations that would have required we stop allowing athletes to participate with their dogs, Aloha Racing remains committed to following other national and international rules and regulations of the sport, and to providing a safe environment for both participants and spectators.
    The Road Runners Club of America is the oldest and largest national association dedicated to the promotion of running as a competitive sport.  While certification is not required to produce a running event, race directors who have earned this status have completed a rigorous study program, passed a comprehensive exam with a minimum score of 85%, and communicate to participants that they can fully expect a safe, quality experience.  Additionally, all recognized RRCA Certified Race Directors have agreed to abide by a Code of Ethics that ensures we will do everything in our power to conduct our events with the highest degree of ethical standards.
    USA Triathlon is the sanctioning authority for multisport in the United States.  Certified Race Directors have completed a 16-hour training class focused on the latest in race directing methods, athlete safety, risk management and the standards for sanctioning a quality event.  While this training program is not required for an event to be sanctioned, athletes should expect more from race directors who have been certified.  

    Join the Team

    Great events start with a great team!  We’re up before dawn, we sweat, we smile no matter what, have each other’s backs, laugh a lot, and we celebrate!  (I mean really, this is the recreation industry… if we’re not having fun, we’re doing something wrong, right?)  We get in a great workout, make a difference for thousands of athletes each year and support some fantastic charities… we love this crazy thing we do!

    If you have an interest in event production, a ridiculously positive, ‘failure is not an option’ attitude, and an undeniable desire to see a job well done, take a peek at this for more information:  Race Day Coordinator

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