After 3 years having Xterra Philippines in Cebu, the organisation changed the location, and we raced in Albay, flying into Legazpi.
The race was all around Mount Mayon, the active volcano.
What an impressive view from the race hotel and a very interesting story of this 3000m high Mountain.
I arrived early in the Philippines and enjoyed a couple of days playing the tourist and still recovering from a nasty knee injury 3 weeks ago.
The ocean swim was one lap of 1500m in choppy water. The sand was totally black.
The bike course was a fun and challenging course through some rice fields, forrest trails and little towns close to Mt Mayon.
The run course was one long uphill with a few river crossings before heading back down through a bumpy grassy trail.
Philippinos are amazingly helpful. The Xterra crew surprised all the pro athletes with personalised banners on the main road, including Papa Kahuna and timing Jim.
The pasta party before the race is a must. After the speech of the governor there is a mess and they are putting together a dance, sing show with the locals.
Dim raced very well and finished 3rd.
Renata finished 5th and was happy to be back on the start line again.

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