Nearly all the aloha’s made it to the big one in Europe, the Xterra European Champs.
Franziska, Karin, Betta, Lou, Belinda and Renata showed up, feeling good and enjoyed the team time before the gun went off.

After the first pre ride not all of the girls have been happy. There was a lot of sliding on the bike and swearing going on. The good thing about a female team is, that the girls are able to see, that their team mates are sitting in the exactly same boat, having the same troubles on the bike, and it is all about, how to handle it the best.

team uk 2

team in the uk
In the night before the race there was a solid, driving rain. It left the trails muddy and slick, leaving those without the proper gripping tires (or time-tested skills) flying off their bikes left-and-right.
The race started at 12am. The sun came out for a little bit and however, it was perfect for racing with cool temps and not a drop of rain.
The atmosphere was teeming with excitement, waiting to get it started!

The swim was a wetsuit swim, one lap.
Somehow stayed the aloha’s very close together. Christine Jeffrey from Canada had by far the fastest swim time of the women and had a big lead.


Image 2
Once on the bike the hard work started. For sure there was a friendly passing of the aloha’s each other.
Lou lost a few positions, not feeling so well. Betta struggled with the technical sections, Karin had back pain, Belinda had not the best tires, Franziska and Renata just loved it.
Renata made it up to the front and had to dig deep for the run. She got passed by Lesley Paterson and made it for 2nd before 3rd.
The run included a big jump and a lot of muddy sections. Lucky we had the amazing Hoka shoes with us. The grip was just perfect.


Lou passed the finish line and pretty much passed out. Betta was glad, that it is over and the first thing she said was; ” in Sardegna, there will be some hills”!! Belinda had a big smile on her face and looked strong running.
Karin kept the pace consistently and finished happy, falling in the arms of Rollie.

After the race the family Peier made a whole line in front of the podiums place with their camping chairs.
And there was a lot of chit chat going on.

Podium Xterra England 2015
It was also Conrad Stolz last Xterra race. We all will miss him and Liezl. They have always been great.
Once the prize celebration was over, most of the aloha’s had to rush back to clean bike, to pack and to get ready for the flights, on the same day or early on the next day.

We took all the best memories with us back home.
In the short time we spent together as a team, it was GREAT.
Many thanks to all our amazing supporters and sponsors.

Image 6

1 Lesley Paterson, GBR 2:54:26
2 Renata Bucher, SUI 2:55:35
3 Jacqui Slack, GBR 2:56:14
4 Brigitta Poor, HUN 3:04:52
5 Jessie Roberts, GBR 3:05:40
6 Alena Stevens, SVK 3:07:34
7 Elisabetta Curridori, ITA 3:09:34
8 Christine Jeffrey, CAN 3:17:22
9 Louise Fox, GBR 3:19:29
10 Verena Eisenbarth, FRA 3:19:35

12 Belinda Hadden
13 Karin Hansen

Age group winner and Euro Tour Champs Franziska Peier F 35-39

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