The Radix XTERRA Rotorua Festival is the biggest multisport event in New Zealand and the biggest XTERRA event held anywhere in the world.

It was also a very big race for the Aloha racing team. We had Lizzie, Keith and Jeremy doing the team event, Renata the elite event and a few more Aloha racing friends competing in the long course. After a few days of raining, the weekend was beautiful, sunny weather and the trails in superb condition. This year Lizzie could not defend her title because of her foot injury. The support crew has been amazing, specially Lizzie’s family. TOUGH TIME DO NOT LAST, TOUGH PEOPLE DO. Managing an injury and still joining and enjoying the event is never easy, but lot’s of respect of Lizzie. She did very well.

After the race we had a lovely BBQ at our friends place and have been able to share some very funny and interesting stories. My favorite one is about Josie and Lynn, age group 60 and 65. Josie was struggling to find her shoes without her glasses and picked, by mistake, Lynn’s shoes and her race belt. Off she went! Poor Lynn came into transition a bit later, racing her heart out to beat her husband Allan! And then she could not find her shoes and race belt. She couldn’t believe it and was walking up and down and people have been wondering, what she is doing! Finally she picked the pair of shoes, which have been left and went on the run.

At the finish line we waited for everyone and while we are taking group pictures, Lynn discovered Josie’s new pair of shoes. We had such a big laugh and lucky these two ladies are still friends. The older, the better 🙂

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