The first edition of the PERSKINDOL SWISS EPIC is drawing to the end. Have a look at the last and final stage 6, finishing in front of the Matterhorn. It was a beautiful day.

6 days of finest mountain biking on flowing trails, surrounded by the breathtaking mountain panorama of the Canton of Valais and in wonderful company. Together with my brother I went through this huge adventure. Riding 400km and climbing up more than 15’000m these experience will stay forever. As we started to do the research about this stage race, we found out, that the organisation is recommending a full suspension bike for it. But we decided to race our bikes. The ones we are used to ride. And for me the one, I will be riding on the worlds in Maui, just a month away. I’m riding the Rebel seven Platinum hybrid (29er front, 27,5back), STORCK. It is a super light bike, great for climbing and helping a lot to get around twisty and small corners.

Every day we started in the start block 1, that was great. All these bikers are really skilled and just on fire. We never had to wait for long before a difficult section, and we never had troubles to pass or to get passed. The atmosphere was good and mostly very friendly. Even we rode very carefully and took no risk. Looking back, we never had a single crash, we flated twice on one day, and that is it.

The race organisation did a fantastic job, beside marking the course, organising briefing, media stuff etc. They also had to carry our luggage from the first stay in Verbier to Leukerbad – to Grächen – to Zermatt.

We loved our stays, specially in Grächen. In just 2 hours they washed our dirty clothes and brought it back to the room, fresh washed, folded and good smelling. The possibility to get massage and a bike wash was also a big help. Food, it was so good. I have to say, the Swiss kitchen is very delicious.

In total we raced 27h and 29min, finished 3rd mixed, behind the Kenda Team for the US (Michal & Mary), and the winner team Bixs-Wheeler team (Bärti & Milena).

For sure we had good and less good days, but we never had a bad day. The best about stage races is to share the stories and the whole adventure with your team mate. Whenever you can, I recommend it to do it. You learn so much about team work and yourself. Your partner is often exactly your mirror. I loved that experience with my brother very much. How often I sent him up to the moon, and we met again 😉



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