My first offroad triathlon in Australia was in 2006. It was called “Tre X”.
Since then I raced around the world, did 6 times the Xterra Euro Tour, 3 times the Xterra US tour, the TNatura Euro Tour and many races in Asia.
In my career I raced in more than 22 different countries and had a couple of wins in my pocket 😉

Last weekend I was back racing “Tre X” and it became for me a personal touch, especially now as I am stepping back from being a professional athlete and putting more energy in coaching.
Tre X started at the same time like I did.
Now the organization has secured the ITU offroad worlds in 2016. It is impressive to see how the organisation has been growing up, and more and more people getting involved in offroad triathlon.


The hard workers behind the name are Robyn and Simon Lazenby. It’s a power couple in organizing the Tre X events and doing a lot for offroad triathlon racing in Australia.

The Tre X series includes 6 races and 4 are counted towards overall series points.
I raced in Bendigo the Australian offroad triathlon champs, the Oceanachamps in the Snowy Mountains and the OLD champs in the spectacular Sunshine Coast Hinterland on the banks of Ewen Maddock Dam.
The rainforest trails and fern filled bushland of Beerwah State Forest provided the perfect setting for the Tre X season finale and MultiSport Weekend.

Thankfully the weather was just gorgeous.
Saturday morning we started with the triathlon. We swam 3 laps of 500m with a short beach run in between.
The mtb lap was 7.5km long and we had to do 4 laps.
The run was a 10km trail run with all the goodies of doing an offroad triathlon, through the mud, over trees, up and down and always keeping on eye on where you were going. Unfortunately one moments distraction led me to twist my ankle on the run course, hence the importance of watching your footing each step of the run.
It was a bit painful and I was glad I finished first and had some time to rest up before the trail run in the afternoon. At 3.45pm we took the start line again for the 8km trail run. I did a minimum to warm up, and that was not such a good idea. I was struggling a lot during the run and was walking for a bit. Lucky I started to feel good again and made it to the finish line with another win.

Sunday morning was the last stage, 50km mtb. I had a good battle with the local offroad triathlete Connie Silvestri. We raced friendly and changed position. Half way through the race I started to feel better and better and my lap times got faster. I finished with a big smile on my face, knowing that I just won my first Dirt Master title.

The rest of the day I enjoyed watching my friends racing and everybody who made it through safely and happy. After we had a big champagne podium ….. I had to head off back to Brisbane to catch the plane back to Melbourne.

I loved the weekend very much and these memories I will take home.
See you next summer.


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