Dirt Master Tre X

My first offroad triathlon in Australia was in 2006. It was called “Tre X”. Since then I raced around the world, did 6 times the Xterra Euro Tour, 3 times the Xterra US tour, the TNatura Euro Tour and many races in Asia. In my career I raced in more

XTERRA Mon Klint / Dänmark

Die Dänen sind echte Vikings ! Während ich mich fragte, wie ich in einem 13 Graden Wasser schwimmen werde, haben sie sich riesig auf das wunderschöne Meer gefreut. Nach dem Race Briefing ging es in Richtung Meer, also zuerst Mal die 497 Treppen runterlaufen! Danach war die Frage nicht wenn

Tagaman and XTERRA Saipan

After a few busy weeks of training and racing, and acclimatising to life on a beautiful island, here is a little snapshot of the Tagaman 70.3 and Xterra Saipan from the Swiss and the Aussie. The Tagaman was our first hit out, nothing like a 70.3 to dust out the

Xterra Philippines 2015

After 3 years having Xterra Philippines in Cebu, the organisation changed the location, and we raced in Albay, flying into Legazpi. The race was all around Mount Mayon, the active volcano. What an impressive view from the race hotel and a very interesting story of this 3000m high Mountain. I

Xterra Denmark

Xterra Denmark concluded the Xterra European Tour. The race venue was situated in Tisvilde, just an hours drive from the Copenhagen airport. West of Tisvilde, outside Denmark’s fifth largest forrest, is Tisvilde Hegn. A kilometre long stretch of white sand, clean sea water, sand dunes and woods and also child