About Renata:

Profession: teacher, coach, dreamer,
Favorite place in the world: Switzerland Luzern, it’s home and family
Favorite race: Xterra Saipan,
Favorite training: long runs on a Sunday morning,
Favorite quote: Get out and play, life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be.
Since I was a kid, growing up with three sisters and one brother, I was never able sitting still, full of energy.
So, this had to be changed.
I started doing Xterra, cross triathlon, which became more and more the centre of my sport activities. I am grateful to do things, that give me the chance to see so many shades of life by traveling around the world and doing this sport.
Please feel free to make your self an impression of what it is all about.

Race Results:




8th of March Xterra on Motatapu, NZL 2nd place
13th of March Xterra Philippines 1st place
29th of April Xterra Guam 1st place
5th of April Xterra Saipan 2nd place
12th of April Tagaman 1st place
27th of April Xterra Asia Pacific championship in New South Wales, AUS 5th
3rd of May Xterra Malaysia 4th
31st of May TNatura Europeanchamps, ITA 2nd
22nd of June TNatura Czech Republic 1st
28th of June Xterra Switzerland 4th
6th of July Xterra France 3rd
13th of July Xterra Sweden 3rd
27th of July Xterra Abruzzo, ITA 4th
2/3 of August 24h Race Schötz 1st (team of 4)
9th of August Xterra Czech 5th
16th of August ITU cross triathlon worlds Germany 7th
30th of August Xterra Denmark 5th
15th to 20th of September MTB stage race SwissEpic, Switzerland 3rd, team mixed
26th of October Xterra world championships on Maui, U.S. DNF


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