Franziska Peier Aloha Racing team athlete. Lives in Switzerland

Profession: police officer
Favorite place in the world: where my Family is
Favorite race: XTERRA Czech
Favorite training: all the training in the morning quietness
Favorite Quote: „Wer kämpft kann verlieren, wer nicht kämpft hat schon verloren“

Race Results:




2014 XTERRA Schweiz 1st AG 30-34
2014 XTERRA France 6th AG 30-34
2014 XTERRA Cesch 1st AG 30-34
2014 ITU WM Zittau 2nd AG 30-34
2014 XTERRA England 3rd AG 30-34
2014 XTERRA Danemark 2nd AG 30-34


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